BUGs on Tour – 2019 (proposed)

We have been having some discussion on our local rides about possibilities for organising an overseas tour in 2019, in either Europe or New Zealand.

The next step in formalising our plans is to discuss more widely, and decide if the idea is a goer….

If you are interested in participating, browse through the proposed options (the signpost below) then complete the survey on the right – though this is all very much ‘interest’ only at this stage – no need to commit. The thoughts expressed in the survey will provide some background to discuss further during our regular rides.

The survey restricts your choice to just one preferred ride. To further expand your thoughts and preferences, there is a Comments option at the end of the survey.

Tour Options
Tour samples & options
(Guided, self guided,
France, Netherlands, etc, etc)
A quick survey
(To gauge interest and thoughts…
the Type of tour, Time of year, and Costs.)


If you have any other suggestions, they will be very welcome.

On behalf of the KBUG Touring & Travel Committee.