Bike helmet review throws cold water on sceptics: they’ll likely save your life

From the Sydney Morning Herald…

Cycling HelmetTampere, Finland: The largest review yet of bike helmet use by 64,000 injured cyclists worldwide has found helmets reduce the chances of a serious head injury by nearly 70 per cent.

Claims that bike helmets damaged the neck and caused serious brain injury were also found to be wrong in the study by University of NSW statistician Dr Jake Olivier, who presented on Tuesday to the international injury prevention conference Safety 2016 in Finland.

Do cyclists really need to wear flouro?

Flouro-cyclistThis article will promote some interesting discussion….

From SMH (6/8/2016): When it comes to safety on two wheels, is brighter really better, or have we been sold the great fluoro fallacy?

“Being visible is different from being noticed. Visibility is about standing out from the background and cyclists can enhance that, especially in poor weather or low lighting conditions, by wearing high-visibility materials,” says Dr Sandar Tin Tin

“But being noticed is different because it depends on drivers’ attention to and expectation of the cyclists,” she says.

This distinction is key to a Transport for London commercial, viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube, that asks viewers to count how many passes a basketball team makes.

2016 AGM and Dinner

Kiama Bowling ClubAttention all Kiama BUG members….

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Kiama Bicycle Users Group will be held at the Kiama Bowling Club on Tuesday 21st June 2015 – 6:15 pm for a 6:30 start.

The AGM will be followed by dinner.

Please review the information below – to either nominate to serve on the executive committee, and/or to select from the menu for the AGM dinner……

Nomination for Kiama BUG Executive
AGM - Nomination form

If you wish to serve on the Kiama BUG executive committee, you may self-nominate, in which case you may find a seconder for your nomination or we will arrange for a seconder for you. Nomination forms must be returned to either the Returning Officer (details on the form) or Kiama Cycles by the COB on Sunday 12th June.

AGM Dinner Menu

Dinner menu

The Bowling Club caterer has provided us with an (optional) set menu.

  • Please make your selection for dinner using the form below,
    before Tuesday 14th June.

    • Each item on the set menu is $12.00.
  • You can also choose from the Club’s full menu on the night.
    • Prices for meals from the full menu are typically in the range
      $12.00 – $20.00.
    • These meals may take longer to serve than meals from the set menu.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the AGM on Tuesday 21st June. 

Surge in number of fines for cyclists not wearing a helmet

From the Sydney Morning Herald….

The number of infringement notices issued by police has risen dramatically following a recent crack down on cyclists who do not wear approved helmets.


The latest statistics show a 56 per cent rise, to 1545, in the total number of fines issued in the two months after the government increased penalties for cyclists on March 1, compared with the same period a year earlier. 

The fine for riding without a helmet more than quadrupled on March 1 to $319.

The amount of fines collected from people riding without helmets totalled $350,262 in March and April, compared with just over $50,000 in the same period in 2015.


A fit body leads to a fit brain

Exercise helps your brainFrom the Sydney Morning Herald…..

The most persistent theme in exercise science in 2015 was that to live long, age well and maintain a nimble mind and shapely brain, we must be physically active – but not for as much time as many of us might fear, or in the ways that many of us might guess.

Certainly the most encouraging research this year focused on the links between regular exercise and improvements in our thinking and the structure of our brains. There has been discussion in past years about how exercise increases the number of new neurons in the brain and sharpens thinking skills and mood, especially as we age.

But this year, interest among scientists in exercise and brain health seemed to reach a critical mass. Many new studies are highlighting previously unexplored ways in which exercise changes our brains and minds. A recent brain-scan study in Japan found that the brains of fit older men were almost as efficient as the brains of young people.


New rules for cyclists – 2016

The NSW government has announced new rules relating to cycling. These new measures will come into effect in March 2016.

1 MetreFrom 1st March 2016….


Changing attitudes to bicycle helmets

Cycling HelmetThere is currently a great deal of public discussion about laws relating to the wearing of helmets by cyclists.

In the early 1990s laws mandating that cyclists wear bicycle helmets were introduced in Australia. But as early as 1978 attitudes towards the wearing of helmets were changing.

The article below, published in today’s SMH, is part of that discussion, reflecting on changing attitudes since the late 1970s.


Coota Bike Festival – an out of Area Ride

An away ride that many in the KBUG are considering is this year’s Cootamundra Bike Festival, which will be held in October this year. The Festival Weekend is Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th, October. The Bike Festival features various rides in the hinterland, 94km, 60km, or a 38km. The rides are supported and have drink stops along the way.  More information is available at    If you are considering this ride and are looking for a place to stay, then check out these at, 

KiamaBUG Fees FY15-16

Fees remain unchanged, same as last year and are now due.  There are now three ways that you can pay your membership fees, they are

  • Catch up with the current treasurer – Warwick Adams and make your payment.
  • It is also possible to drop into Kiama Cycles and they will accept your membership dues.
  • For some it may be easier to do electronic funds transfer direct to KBUG’s bank account.  To do this we need provide you with bank details, the information you need is 

BSB                                   032-689  
Account Number       135138
Account Name            Kiama Bicycle User Group incorporated

When you make payment by direct deposit, we need a method to identify that the deposit is for your membership fees.  To help us identify this all we need is for you to insert your full name in the description field in the transfer transaction.   While the transaction page for each bank is different there is a strange similarity, the completed page should look like that shown below.  The little yellow tags show the information required.  If the bank also allow you to send an email notification, then the email address to be added is Warwick Adams  . This small addition is very helpful, it helps us reconcile the accounts later.