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A Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra 

An overview of more than 20 rides in the local area. 

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More detailed information about each of the rides in the Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra, including starting points, ride directions and information, and maps.

The rides documented below provide details for travel in one direction, but most are suitable for return rides, with cafés and toilets available along the route or at the turn-around point. Many rides commence at, pass by, or end near a railway station.

The link on the route name provides a printable triple-fold version of the route. The GPX links to the right of the Grade provide the option to download the route to your chosen portable device.

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Please read the Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra (above) to 
understand general cycling safety issues and rider responsibility.

Please note that documentation of the rides below is a work in progress. The linked rides below are gradually being expanded as the ride information becomes available and is written up by Werner and Co. Check back regularly for additional new ride brochures.

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Gerringong / Kiama / Jamberoo / Windang    
Ride K1   Kiama Scenic Tour  
  This ride explores the scenic highlights of the Kiama coastline. The shared paths along the Kiama Harbour foreshore are suitable for families. As Kiama is hilly some hill climbing over headlands cannot be avoided but the effort is rewarded with some of the best coastal views in the Illawarra.  
  10 kms Moderate GPX  
Ride K2   Windang to Dunmore  
  An enjoyable coastal ride on shared paths with some gentle hills and traffic on Dunmore Road.  
12 kms Moderate GPX  
Ride K3    Dunmore to Kiama  
An enjoyable coastal ride on shared paths with some hills.  
 15 km  Moderate  GPX  
Ride K4   Kiama to Dunmore / Windang  
  Some short hills, residential streets, beach and escarpment views.  
 25 km  Moderate GPX   
Ride K5   Killalea & Bass Pt Mountain Bike Rides (A, B, C)  
  Short scenic rides with wonderful beach and ocean views at Killalea.  
 Ride A – 9 km  Moderate GPX  
Ride B – 14 km Moderate GPX  
Ride C – 5 km Moderate GPX  
Ride K6   Minnamurra to Jamberoo and Minnamurra Rainforest  

A scenic ride through rolling hills, farmland and rainforest.  
 20 km  Moderate GPX  
Ride K7   Bombo to Primbee  
  An enjoyable coastal ride on shared paths and residential streets.  
 45 km Moderate  GPX  
Ride K8   Kiama, Jamberoo, Shellharbour – On the road  
  Shellharbour to Bombo, Kiama, Jamberoo Albion Park, Oak Flats and back to Shellharbour.  
 45 km Hard  GPX   
Ride K9   Kiama to Oak Flats – On the highway  
  Kiama to Oak Flats, using the Bicycle Lanes on the F6 Freeway.  
 20 km Moderate     
Ride K10   Gerroa to Shoalhaven Heads – Mountain Bike Trail  
  An enjoyable ride through the Seven Mile Beach National Park, and along Seven Mile Beach  
 20 km Moderate  GPX   
Ride K11   Gerringong to Berry Loops
  Head off down the highway, and explore some country roads  
Three rides, up to 70 km Moderate  GPX   
Dunmore / Windang / Shellharbour / Dapto    
Ride SR1   Blackbutt Reserve Circuit  
  Involves some steep hills in the first two kilometres and follows the shared path in a loop from Blackbutt Reserve.  
20 km Moderate    
Ride SR2   Around the Lake – Mostly shared path  
  Around Lake Illawarra using the shared paths and back streets.  
43 km Moderate GPX  
Ride SR3   Around the Lake – On the road  
  This is for the cyclist who enjoys riding on the roads.  
40+ km Hard    
Ride SR4   Albion Pk Station – Marshall Mt – Huntley  
  A scenic ride through the Illawarra Hinterland  
45 km Moderate GPX  
Ride SR5   Albion Park Jamberoo Loop  
  Albion Park to Jamberoo, Dunmore via Swamp Road, Shellharbour, Oak Flats and back to Albion Park.  
35 km Hard    
Ride SR6   Shellharbour City Circuit  
  Suitable to most riders, a mixture of shared paths and on-roads riding.  
28 km Moderate    
Ride SR7   North Macquarie Loop  
  A ride through rolling hills between the lake and escarpment.  
33 km Moderate    
Port Kembla / Wollongong / Thirroul    
Ride W1   Thirroul to Wollongong  
  Enjoy a scenic ride along the northern Illawarra coast.  
17 km Easy GPX  
Ride W2   Wollongong to Windang via Port Kembla  
  An easy scenic ride mostly on shared paths and back streets following the coast and through the BlueScope Steel industrial area.  
23 km Easy GPX  
Ride W3   Commuting around University of Wollongong  
  Commuting to the University from the north and south.  
Ride W4   Mt Keira Mt Kembla Loop  
  A good workout after a night out on the town!  
24 km Extreme GPX  
Ride W5   Mt Kembla Mine Memorial Trail  
  The ride follows the remains of the original 1882 railway between Mount Kembla Mine on American Creek to Red Point, Five Islands (now part of Port Kembla outer harbour).  
35 km Moderate GPX  
Ride W6   Thirroul to Stanwell Park / Bald Hill  
  Thirroul to Stanwell Park for Coffee after crossing the Sea Cliff Bridge and up Bald Hill for the views.  
15 km Hard GPX  
Ride W7   Stanwell Park / Bald Hill to Bundeena & Cronulla  
  This ride follows the coast north from Stanwell Park to Bundeena and involves several long steep hills on narrow roads.  
32 km Hard GPX  
Southern Highlands    
Ride SH1   Robertson – Belmore Falls – Fitzroy Falls Loop  
  Scenic tour visiting waterfalls in Illawarra hinterland  
42 km Moderate MTB GPX  
Ride SH2   Robo-Kangaloon-Tourist Rd Loop  
  Scenic ride in the Illawarra hinterland. Two options – 40 km and 25 km. All on road with hills and traffic.  
 40 / 25 km Moderate  GPX  
Ride SH3   Burrawang – Fitzroy Falls Loop  
  Scenic ride in the Illawarra hinterland. All on road with hills and traffic.  
 30 km Hard     
Shoalhaven Area    
Ride SN1   Huskisson – Tomerong Loop  
  Explore the shores of Jervis Bay and St Georges Basin – Mix of On-Road and Shared Paths.  
 40 km Moderate     
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