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A Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra 

An overview of more than 20 rides in the local area. 

Individual Ride Brochures

More detailed information about each of the rides in the Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra, including starting points and ride directions.

The rides documented below provide details for travel in one direction, but most are suitable for return rides, with cafés and toilets available along the route or at the turn-around point. Many rides commence at, pass by, or end near a railway station.

The link on the route name provides a printable triple-fold version of the route. The GPX links to the right of the Grade provide the option to download the route to your chosen portable device.

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Please read the Guide to Cycling in the Illawarra (above) to 
understand general cycling safety issues and rider responsibility.

 Ride 1 Windang to Dunmore 12 km Moderate GPX
 Ride 2 Dunmore to Kiama 15 km Moderate  
Ride 3 Kiama to Dunmore / Windang 25 km Moderate  
Ride 4 Kiama to Killalea 15 km Moderate  
Ride 5 Jones Beach to Jamberoo / Minnamurra Rainforest   Moderate  
Ride 6 Minnamurra to Primbee 20 km Moderate  
Ride 7 Kiama, Jamberoo, Shellharbour – on road 45 km Hard  
Ride 8 Kiama to Oak Flats – on the highway 20 km Moderate  
Ride 9 Gerroa to Shoalhaven Hds – Mt Bike Trail 15 km Moderate  
Ride 10 Blackbutt Reserve Circuit  20 km Moderate   
Ride 11 Around the Lake 43 km Moderate GPX
Ride 12 Around the Lake – On the road 40+ km Hard  
Ride 13 Calderwood Loop 16 km Moderate  
Ride 14 Albion Park Jamberoo Loop 35 km Hard  
Ride 15 Shellharbour City Circuit 28 km Moderate  
Ride 16 North Macquarie Loop 33 km Moderate  
Ride 17 Thirroul to Wollongong 17 km Easy GPX
 Ride 18 Wollongong to Windang via Port Kembla 23 km Easy  
Ride 19 Commuting around University of Wollongong   Various  
Ride 20 Mt Keira Mt Kembla Loop 24 km Extreme  
Ride 21 Mt Kembla Mine Memorial Trail 35 km Moderate  
Ride 22 Thirroul to Stanwell Park / Bald Hill 17 km Hard  
Ride 23 Stanwell Park / Bald Hill to Bundeena & Cronulla 32 km Hard  
 Ride 24 The Robo Pie Shop Run 56 km Extreme  
Ride 25 Robertson – Kangaloon – Tourist Rd Loop 40 km Moderate  
Ride 26 Burrawang – Fitzroy Falls Loop 30 km Hard  
Ride 27 Huskisson – Tomerong Loop 40 km Moderate  


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