KiamaBUG Fees FY15-16

Fees remain unchanged, same as last year and are now due.  There are now three ways that you can pay your membership fees, they are

  • Catch up with the current treasurer – Warwick Adams and make your payment.
  • It is also possible to drop into Kiama Cycles and they will accept your membership dues.
  • For some it may be easier to do electronic funds transfer direct to KBUG’s bank account.  To do this we need provide you with bank details, the information you need is 

BSB                                   032-689  
Account Number       135138
Account Name            Kiama Bicycle User Group incorporated

When you make payment by direct deposit, we need a method to identify that the deposit is for your membership fees.  To help us identify this all we need is for you to insert your full name in the description field in the transfer transaction.   While the transaction page for each bank is different there is a strange similarity, the completed page should look like that shown below.  The little yellow tags show the information required.  If the bank also allow you to send an email notification, then the email address to be added is Warwick Adams  . This small addition is very helpful, it helps us reconcile the accounts later.